gradlew tasks

  • Setup your workspace by executing the command:

gradlew setupDecompWorkspace

  • Setup IntelliJ IDEA environment by executing the following command

gradlew idea

NOTE If you run into an issue with your JAVA_HOME setting, use these instructions to setup the JAVA_HOME variable. This setting is dependent on several things, so your setting may be different. In my case, I would use:

setx JAVA_HOME=c:\program files\java\jdk1.7.0_60

Minecraft ForgeEdit

  • Go to []
  • Download the SRC files for the Recommended version of Forge. (As of this writing it was forge-1.7.2-

Extracting FML ComponentsEdit

  • Open the forge zip file
  • select the following files:
    • eclipse
    • gradle
    • build.gradle
    • gradlew
    • gradlew.bat
  • Copy the selected files into your repository

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