The below follow's Pahimar's suggestions on folder structure for your code. The basic process is:

  • Log in to GitHub
  • Create a new repository
    • Name the repository
    • Set to Public
    • Initialize the repository
    • Add the GPLv3 license Footnote 1
  • Synchronize the repository to your system
    • Open or Create a projects folder as you see fit.
    • Open a Command Prompt and navigate to where you would like the repository to be synchronized. Footnote 2
    • Clone git repository using the following commands Footnote 3

git clone [URL_TO_Repository]

Footnote 1Edit

As Pahimar notes in his video, make sure you understand what the license you are applying means before you include it. There are no take backs.

Footnote 2Edit

Git will create a folder for you based on the name of the repository and synchronize the files underneath it. In this example you do not need to create the "LetsModReboot" folder

Footnote 3Edit

Step in Lets Mod Reboot

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